Discussions on sustainability criteria at MSR

Representatives from several stakeholders in the pharmaceutical sector met today at MSR (The Swedish Environmental Management Council) in Stockholm. We discussed an update of the criteria document used in the public procurement process of pharmaceuticals.

We made a few changes which were more semantic in character. The more important change proposal was to align the ”social responsibility requirement” (see ”D3 Social considerations in manufacturing” in the criteria document) with the social requirement paragraphs in other MSR criteria documents. One consequence of that is that we will be utilizing the ”CSR compass tool” in the tendering business within the pharmaceutical industry. It will be an interesting exercise.

I was happy that the participants in the meeting all agreed that any potentially larger changes to the criteria document should wait until we have seen the green criteria assessment model being developed within item 7.2 in the National Pharmaceutical Strategy. As you know if you follow my blog I am the project leader for that work as part of my LIF assignment. Hence, more on that to come over the coming months. Stay tuned!


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