CSR – a core element of business strategies

A short but interesting article was published on MiljöAktuellts webpage yesterday. Meg Tivéus from StyrelseAkademin  talks about the necessity of having CSR integrated into the business strategies. And she founds it strange that although 94% of all board members agree on this, there are roughly 33% of them saying that it is not done today. Strange when everyone agrees that it should be done!

If you have read my blog over the years you know I strongly agree with the idea of a close integration of CSR into business strategies. I even very often call my conference and seminar contributions/presentations ”Sustainable Development – a core element of strategic business development”.

Read more regarding my thoughts on CSR, sustainability and business strategies on these blog postsfrom March 29, 2010, and from February 2, 2011.


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