Corporate Responsibility encompasses a whole ranges of issues

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Ansvarsfullt företagande (Corporate Responsibility) och hållbarhet (sustainability) är uttryck som används allt oftare när företagens samhällsengagemang och deras deltagande i samhällsutvecklingen ska beskrivas. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) känns alltmer föråldrat, även om det är väl etablerat.

I have worked in the environmental field and with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) related issues since the 90-ies. The work was heavily focused on environmental matters during the first years, and CSR became more and more important during the last decade. In these years, CSR was very much understood as social repsonsibility, and very often strictly connected to e.g. human rights in ”third world countries”. My feeling is that the scope of these questions grow larger and larger. We are today discussing how corporations contribute to societal development and how corporations can help tackle and solve societal challenges. It can be anything from environmental challenges such as global warming, via human rights and corruption challenges all through the supply chain, to demographic changes, financial crisis, and slow innovation processes in the EU and other ”developed markets”. In such a context expressions such as Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability better describes what we try to accomplish, than ”traditional CSR”.

These kind of thoughts are supported by leaders in the field, e.g. Stefan Crets and Jan Noterdaeme from CSR Europe. In the latest issue of MiljöRapporten (you probably know that I am a big fan of MiljöRapporten, and quite often refer to the newsletter) you will meet both Stefan and Jan in an interview which I believe will definitely be worth reading! They talk about that the expression CSR should be replaced by Sustainability, which is kind of interesting when it comes from an organization named ”CSR Europe”… And that is a very strong brand…

The same thing holds true for CSR Sweden, where Pfizer has been a member for several years and I am actively working in the organization. It will be an interesting discussion: We may feel that CSR does not really perfectly describe what we do, but the name ”CSR Sweden” is such a strong brand that we would like to keep the name – then what to do? Time will probably tell…


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