Climate Change initiatives – part of our sustainability efforts

Now there is just two days remaining until Earth Hour.

On Saturday, March 26, we will all switch off our lights between 20.30 and 21.30. Both our sites here in Sweden, the manufacturing site in Strängnäs and the office in Silverdal, Sollentuna, will participate. Pfizer thereby take an active part in the world’s largest environmental manifestation. I have written blog posts about energy and climate change efforts in general and Pfizer’s efforts specifically during this week(March 21, March 22, March 23).

Today I would like to draw the attention to the obvious matter that our energy and climate change initiatives are part of a much broader sustainability program. Our sustainability initiatives consist of several CSR and environmental activities. Updated information, in three levels of detail, regarding ”responsible operations” (in Swedish ”Ansvarsfullt företagande”) have now been published on the Swedish Pfizer webpage (in Swedish of course…):

- A brief introduction to ”Our Responsibility”: Vårt Ansvarstagande

- Level 1: Pfizer and responsiblr operations: Pfizer och ansvarsfullt företagande

- Level 2: CSR and environmental initaitives – an important part of our responsibility: CSR- och miljöarbete – en central del av vårt ansvarstagande

- Level 3: Sustainability work in practice: Hållbarhetsarbete i praktiken


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