Chemicals Management Summit 2013 in Stockholm

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Idag anordnade MiljöRapporten konferensen Chemicals Management Summit. Jag deltog för att dela med mig av läkemedelsindustrins erfarenheter vad gäller öppenhet och transperens, CSR och miljöarbete i leverantörskedjan, samt skillnaden mellan fara och risk (en av mina absoluta käpphästar!)

MiljöRapporten, my favorite Swedish sustainability newsletter, arranged the Chemicals Management Summit 2013 today. I was there to share the pharmecutical industry’s experiences when it comes to transparency issues, CSR and environmental initiatives in the supply chain, and also to clearly state the difference between hazard and risk. There are still people claiming that chemicals with inherent hazardous properties should be removed from the market once and for all. Well, that would take several of the most important pharmaceutical substances off the market… Do I need to say more than chemotherapy? A risk appears when there is a non-intended exposure to the hazard. And risks should of course be properly managed or, when possible, eliminated.

Olle Blidholm at the Summit

Olle Blidholm at the Summit

Among the other speakers I like to mention my old friend Olle Blidholm. Olle, with good support from his WSP colleague Mattias Blomqvist, took us through an interesting workshop on sustainability programs in the supply chain. A topic always worth discussing. So many challenges and so much to learn from one another!


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