Bengt Danielsson Lecturer 2010

Proud winner of Bengt Danielsson Lecturer 2010

Proud winner of Bengt Danielsson Lecturer 2010

What is the ”Bengt Danielsson lecturer 2010″ (or in Swedish: 2010 års Bengt Danielsson föreläsare)?

It is an award that was established by the Swedish Academy of Pharmacutical Sciences (in Swedish: Apotekarsocieteten) in 1989 to recall Professor Bengt Danielsson’s long commitment to pharmaceutical education. The lecturer is a person skilled to present, in a pedagogical manner, a topic of high interest for the pharmaceutical sector.

I am very proud to say that I was elected to be the Bengt Danielsson Lecturer 2010 and gave my presentation on ”Sustainable Development” at the ongoing Pharmaceutical Congress (in Swedish: Läkemedelskongressen) in Stockholm earlier today.

The abstract to my presentation reads as follows:

”The pharmaceutical industry operates in a business where sustainability is fundamental. The industry needs to deliver consistent financial revenue in order to facilitate huge investments in R&D and manufacturing excellence. But also the two additional perspectives of sustainability – social sustainability and environmental sustainability – are fundamental to the industry. Social sustainability involves access to medicines, health care infrastructure, and good public health. Environmental sustainable operating practices are also a pre-requisite for good environmental and public health. Our social and environmental programs differ depending on the needs on different markets. They are however always based on the same long-term goals and objectives and are always aligned with our long-term business strategies. The presentation will explain how the pharmaceutical industry helps moving countries to the so called ”sustainable quadrant”, i.e where the UN Development Index is close to 1 and the ecological footprint in minimal.”

If you are a frequent reader of my blog you will have heard about the Sustainable Quadrant before. Read more about the Quadrant via this link.


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