Back in business – EHS-aspects are on top of my agenda again

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Då har jag varit tillbaka i jobbet nästan en vecka efter en härlig semester. Miljö- och hållbarhetsfrågor hamnar ånyo högst upp på min agenda. Visst är det härligt med semester och lata dagar ute i solen tillsammans med vänner, bra böcker, fiolspel och god mat och dryck. Men det är inte alls dumt att komma tillbaka till arbetet heller! Det finns definitivt saker att ta tag i…

Sunset in Olshammar

Sunset in Olshammar

I have now been back in the office almost a week. Vacation has been really good, and I have to say that I just love spending time with friends reading good books, playing violin, dining etc. Nevertheless, it is good to be back in business. There are definitely environmental, health and safety (EHS) aspects and sustainability issues to act upon. I have always enjoyed the mix of work tasks an EHS-manager has on the agenda. Below follow some examples on things I will work upon, and communicate here at the blog, during fall:

- I will of course spend a lot of time working with environmental assessments of pharmaceutical products during the coming months (for details see for instance the blog post from June 20 describing the LIF proposal for assessments which was delivered to the Ministry for Health and Social Affairs on June 30)

- Projects and work processes such as MistraPharma and the National Pharmaceutical Strategy will of course be on the agenda also during this fall

- There will be several interactions with Swedish healthcare during fall. Always very interesting!

- The discussions on green public procurement will continue

- And there will be work environment related issues, primarely health and safety aspects, on the agenda as well. Already later on today I will sit down with Niklas Samuelsson discussing fire life safety in the Pfizer Silverdal Office (in the Sollentuna municipality, just outside Stockholm). In addition to fire life safety, there are of course also e.g. ergonomic issues as well a fleet safety issues on Pfizer Sweden’s safety committee agenda.

As I said – it is actually good to be back!


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