Ansvarsfullt företagande – hur ska läkemedelsbranschen agera?

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Igår anordnade den så kallade Strategiska Kommittén för Ansvarsfullt Företagande (SKAF) inom LIF – de forskande läkemedelsbolagen, ett seminarium som diskuterade branschens etiska dilemman och utmaningar. Vad behöver göras för att säkerställa att branschens medarbetare fortsätter känna stolthet i sitt arbete och vilka initiativ kan/bör branschen ta för att bygga ökat förtroende hos allmänhet, hälso- och sjukvård samt hos övriga intressenter?

Work-shop on Trust and Reputation

Work-shop on Trust and Reputation

 LIF’s (the research-based industry in Sweden) Strategic Committee on Trust and Reputation arranged a seminar yesterday to discuss ”what makes us proud in the industry” and ”how the industry could build trust and reputation”. As chairman of the committee I had the privilege to make the introductory remarks, initiate the different work-shops and make the final conclusions. The foundation of the introduction was the web-based questionnarie that had been answered by nearly 400 colleagues from the industry here in Sweden. The questionnarie tried to measure how proud industry’s colleagues are, what makes them proud and where they see challenges or ethical dilemmas. In addition to their own opinion, colleagues were also asked to comment upon what friends, neighbours and others think about the industry. Some very clear conclusions could be drawn from the results

- The products from the industry, i.e. medicines, are very highly regarded.

- Research, development, and innovation is also highly regarded

- Pricing of the products, and industry’s revenue, are identified as ”challenges”. A question that comes often is ”Is it OK to make money on people’s illnesses”

- It is also obvious that the industry still needs to take the fight with the old picture of ”too close collaborations and money transfers” from industry to healthcare professionals. LIF’s ethical rules are obviously not very well known among the public.

The particpants on yesterday’s seminar worked in work-shops during the afternoon to identify actions needed, and opportunities in order to change behaviours when relevant, communicate better, form strategic alliances, perform analyses etc. The work-shops were very active, and several very good and interesting ideas materialized. It will now be up to the Strategic Committee on Trust and Reputation to continue the work and develop an action plan for the year(s) to come. I am looking forward to that work, and would definitely presume that I’ll come back to the topic several times here at the blog in the future.

Thanks for great participation yesterday! I really enjoyed it!


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