2013 – what will be on the Sustainable Pharmaceuticals Agenda

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Nu är 2013 här. Vad står på agendan gällande läkemedel och hållbarhet? En av de viktigaste punkerna är såklart frågan gällande miljöhänsyn inom ramen för förmånssystemet. Svaret på den frågan avgörs framför allt i det miljöuppdrag som Läkemedels- och Apoteksutredningen har fått som del av den Nationella Läkemedelsstrategin (avrapporteras senast 1 april).

So, what will be on the ”sustainable pharmaceuticals agenda” during 2013. You would know at least part of the answer if you read my last blog post from 2012 (”2012 ends, 2013 begins, and the green journey continues”, from Dec 29). From a Swedish perspective, the greatest interest perhaps is given to the environmental task within the Pharmaceutical and Pharmacy Review, where it is evaluated whether or not environmental considerations should be taken within the pricing and re-imbursement system. A report is due on April 1 at the latest. This task is part of the Swedish National Pharmaceutical Strategy (NLS). In addition to this task called NLS 7.1, the strategy also includes LIF’s (the Swedish Association of the Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry) task (called NLS 7.2) to develop a sustainability assessment model for pharmaceutical products and educate stakeholders on the use of such a model and also present an organizational structure for the implementation of the model and the potential green economic incentives. Read more about the tasks via these links (NLS 7.1 and NLS 7.2).

In addition to these tasks within the National Pharmaceutical Streatgy let me quote from my own blog post from Dec 29 regarding some additional issues on the 2013 agenda:

”I am also convinced that we will se further developments when it comes to sustainability criteria in public procurement and tenders. We will see interesting initiatives on the social aspects of sustainable development already early in 2013 as part of Pauline Göthberg’s work. For more details on Pauline Göthberg and her work, please read the blog post from November 30, on Pfizer AB’s seminar regarding sustainability and pharmaceuticals.

And not to forget, the research projects MistraPharma and Pharmas continues, and there will of course be more discussions regarding active pharmaceutical ingridients and the Water Framework Directive (and of course other regulatory developments such as MPA’s GMP-proposal and eco-pharmacovigilance).”

And let me finally add that I am greatly looking forward to the start-up of the newly installed LIF strategic committee on Trust and Reputation (in Swedish called ”LIF:s strategiska kommitté för Ansvarsfullt företagande”). I will act as chairman of the committee, where items such as business ethics, CSR, environmental matters, stakeholder interactions etc will be discussed. Our first meeting is scheduled for Jan 17. It’ll be very interesting! Stay tuned for more information!


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