Corporate Responsibility Discussions at Pfizer AS

I have had a very interesting day at Pfizer AS in Oslo today (and yes, the weather was brilliant!). Pfizer AS has a company information day and they had invited me to speak on sustainability issues, and in particular Pharmaceuticals and the Environment. Before meeting all colleagues I had a few hours of very intense and thought provoking discussions with Reidar Lewis, Åke Elden and Christina Kiki Rothe.

Discussions at Pfizer AS in Oslo

Discussions at Pfizer AS in Oslo

We discussed CSR-initiatives from very broad perspectives, and social innovation and social entrepreneurship became important parts of the discussion. If you have read my blog previously you know that I have a very strong belief in the value of social innovation and entrepreneurship within the health care sector. I strongly support the ideas regarding the development of services within healthcare. For details about social innovation and the development of health oriented services, see the following blog posts for instance: April 16, 2012, March 22, 2012, Feb 14, 2012, and Oct 4, 2011.

The whole idea about the development of services that could help to prevent illnesses and create wellbeing could be found in a debate article written by our former CEO Jeff Kindler. In that article he said, among other things:

“We’ve made a series of commitments to ourselves and to the people we serve. For example, we have committed to advancing wellness, prevention, treatments and cures, because health is one of the most important investments a society can make. It’s time to move beyond simply helping people get better after they get sick. Shouldn’t we help them keep from getting sick in the first place?”

This process, to move in a direction where we offer ”more-than-medication”, sounds very appropriate when we looked on a diagram that Reidar had found via LinkedIn:

Industries shrinking or growing...

Industries shrinking or growing...

It may be a little bit hard to see here but the pharmaceutical industry has shrunk between 2007 and 2011 whereas industries such as ”hospital & health care” and ”health, wellness & fitness” have grown. Looking forward to continuing the discussions with Reidar, Åke, Christina and their colleagues.

After the discussions mentioned above, I met all the Pfizer Norway colleagues and gave a one hour presentation on several different perspectives of sustainability, and of course especially on environmental issues. What do we do as an industry in general to ”greening our operations” and what does Pfizer do in order to differentiate our products to the competitors? An interesting topic, and it is full of business opportunities!

Thanks to all colleagues in Norway for inviting me today! I really enjoyed it!


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