Back from summer vacation 2011…

So, after four weeks of vacation I arrived back to the office today. Vacation has been very good – one of the top moments for me this year was when I played my violin on top of Åreskutan.

Playing the violin at Åreskutan

Playing the violin at Åreskutan

So what to expect work-wise this autumn. Well, of course there will be a lot of discussions around the proposal from Swedish MPA to include environmental requirements in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), and the alternative or complementary approach to implement green incentives into the pricing and re-imbursement system in order to reward green and sustainable initiatives and products. Read more about these ideas, and follow the links to further information, in my blog post from July 19. You can also listen to the video-blog I recorded during the political summit in Almedalen in July where I discuss the issues around a ”green pharmaceutical market”. If you are interested in general what’s going on in relation to social and environmental sustainability in Sweden I recommend you to screen through my updates from the Almedalen week via these links:

- July 3 in Almedalen

- July 4 in Almedalen

- July 5 in Almedalen

- July 6 in Almedalen

- July 7 and 8 in Almedalen

In addition to the discussions on GMP and green economic incentives with MPA, TLV (The Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency, responsible for the pricing and re-imbursement system) and other stakeholders there will also be further discussions with the All-Party Committee on Environmental Objectives regarding the Swedish national environmental goal on a Non-Toxic Environment. To read more about that, see e.g. my blog post from June 15.

I am also convinced that we will participate in several discussions with a wide range of stakeholders regarding social innovation and social entrepreneurship. If you have followed me on the blog post during recent years you know that I strongly believe that we will see changes in the pharmaceutical market. There will be more interest in services, and hence not only ”pills and medication”, and more and more on prevention and creation of wellness. Read more in my blog post from April 8, and via the link more-than-medication.

And last but not least there will of course be a lot of work on Dizza Tobak.

Dizza Tobak is a three year project, run by SAMBA in collaboration with among others A Non Smoking Generation, and sponsored by Pfizer Foundation and Pfizer AB. We are now entering into the final months of the project (ending Dec 2011) and there will be a lot of work summarizing the project, doing lessons learned sessions, and securing a future of the successful parts of the project together with A Non Smoking Generation. Please view some of the up-loaded contributions from this spring via this link. It is fun, educating, and very often really impressing!


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