A Round-Table Discussion on Green Economic Incentives

You may know based on my recent blog posts (e.g. Sept 20) that a round-table discussion regarding green pharmaceuticals and green economic incentives took place today at LIF (the Swedish Association of the Research Based Pharmaceutical Industry) with pretty much all relevant stakeholders present.

Participant list and notes

Participant list and notes

Represented parties in addition to LIF and FGL (the Association for Generic Pharmaceuticals) were e.g. MPA, TLV (the Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency), SKL (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions), Swedish Pharmacy Association, Ministry for Environment, MSR (the Swedish Environmental Management Council), the All Party Committee on Environmental Objectives, LOK (in Swedish: ”Läkemedelsordförandekollegiet”), Stockholm County Council, and IVL (Swedish Environmental Research Institute). A very important actor that unfortunately could not make it to today’s meeting was the Ministry for Health and Social Affairs, and Sofia Wallström that they have appointed to review the issue of a green pricing and reimbursement system (see this link for more information).

We started the meeting with a short recap from the first round-table meeting held on March 28 (see my comments from that meeting via this link). We then gave short updates on what had happened on this topic since last meeting in addition to the work of the two task forces that were initiated at the March 28 meeting. We briefly discussed both the latest developments on MPA’s GMP-proposal (see for instance my blog post from July 19), the National Pharmaceutical Strategy (see for instance my blog post from Aug 28), and the All Party Committee on Environmental Objectives (see for instance my blog post from Sept 16).

The most interesting part of the meeting was nevertheless the updates from the two task force groups which were kicked-off at the meeting on March 28. One group to develop a model for environmental assessments of pharmaceuticals, to be used to identify green pharmaceuticals. Another group to evaluate possible green incentives within the framework of the Swedish pricing and reimbursement system.

Since I have been part of the group developing a model for assessments you probably already know parts of our discussions from previous blog posts (see blog posts from March 28, May 11, May 17, and Sept 1). The incentive group also presented a very good and interesting work. They had looked into models both for incentives around products being off-patent and exposed to generic substitution, and for pricing and reimbursement discussion with an agency such as TLV for new products. I will not go into any details here since more analysis and evaluation is needed but if you have really good eyes you may find some details here in my notes…

My notes from today...

My notes from today...

Next steps will be, as I said, more in-depth analysis and evaluation of the models (both the model for assessments, and the models for incentives), but of course also securing that the discussions and thoughts very briefly presented here is taken to the All Party Committee on Environmental Objectives for their future work, and of course to Sofia Wallström in her coming work. We have come quite far already! It is very promising, and I think we should be very proud of the very productive and fruitful progress we have done in a close collaboration between all different stakeholders in the pharmaceutical sector!

Let’s keep up the good work and thereby doing what we can to ”greening the sector”!

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    Stort tack för att utveckla arbetet med att diskutera detta, känner jag starkt för denna och gillar att studera en hel del mer om detta ämne. Om möjligt, som du får expertis, vill du uppdatera din webbsida som har en hel del mycket mer information? Det är mycket fördelaktigt för mig.


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