Youth Marketing And Research (YMAR) arbetar vidare för att etablera sitt företag

SWEDISH SUMMARY: I mitt blogginlägg den 24 oktober berättade jag om UF-företaget (Ungt Företagande) YMAR – Youth Marketing And Research. Idag har vi träffats igen, denna gång här på Pfizers kontor i Silverdal, Sollentuna. Jag har tillsammans med YMAR:s andra mentor Christer Lindén delat erfarenheter samt givit tips, råd och förbättringsförslag på YMAR:s affärsplan. Kul, lärorikt och spännande!


Discussions on business plan

Discussions on business plan

In my blog post from Oct 24, I introduced YMAR – Youth Marketing And Research – to you. A start-up company with young entrepreneurs from the Rudbeck High School (”Rudbecks gymnasium”). We met again today, this time here at the Pfizer office in Silverdal, Sollentuna. The YMAR management team presented their business model and business plan to me and their other mentor Christer Lindén. Based upon our knowledge and experiences we then had a very fruitful discussions on how the business plan could be improved. What can be done in order to make YMAR’s business case even stronger? Are there ways for YMAR to improve on their efficiency and hence potentially become more successful? Could additional customer prospects be identified?

As I said last time: It is inspiring to meet these students. They are eager to succeed and are willing to put their energy and time into making YMAR a success. And I and Christer are there trying to help them.

Follow YMAR journey during the coming 6 – 7 months, it will most likely be an interesting trip!


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