YMAR – en spännande resa påbörjad med unga företagare

SWEDISH SUMMARY: CSR och ansvarsfullt företagande innebär för mig att man arbetar med bolagets uppgift och roll i samhället – såväl globalt som nationellt och lokalt. Som en del av Pfizers arbete lokalt i Sollentuna sitter jag med i Rudbeck gymnasiums Advisory Board. Där jobbar skolledningen tillsammans med kommun och näringliv för att stärka eleverna och förbättra samverkan mellan skola och samhälle. Som ytterligare del i detta engagemang är jag nu också fadder åt ett av Rudbecks UF-företag (Ungt Företagande). Det ska bli enormt kul att arbeta med UF-bolaget Youth Marketing And Research (YMAR) under resten av 2013 och våren 2014.

The YMAR Team

The YMAR Team

To me, Corporate Responsibility and Community Outreach mean defining a company’s role in society – both on a global scale as well as nationally and locally. As part of Pfizer’s engagement in the Sollentuna municipality I am part of Rudbeck Highschool’s (”Rudbeck Gymnasium” in Swedish) Advisory Board. The Board consists of parts of the School Management Team, officials from the municipality and representatives from companies in Sollentuna. We strive to strengthen each and every student and to improve the collaboration between the school, the municipality and enterprises.

One additional part of Pfizer’s engagement with Rudbeck is that I am a mentor for one of the school’s Young Entrepreneurs start-up company. Entrepreneurship is critical for a sustainable growth that offers employment to future generations. Employment is extremey imprtant to secure that each and every citizen get a real opportunity to become part of society! I guess we are all aware of the very high unemployment rates among youngsters in Sweden an elsewhere, and entrepreneurs are critical to manage that threat to a sustainable development.

I met with the students today together with their other mentor Christer Lindén (a retired entrepreneur today very active in Rotary). So fun and energizing! The start-up is called Youth Marketing And Research (YMAR) and their business idea is to make quality market surveys and analyses, and especially utilize their very strong networks with their peers in Rudbeck. They do have some really interesting ideas how to become competetive, and I will of course not expose those ideas here. I don’t want to spoil their potential business success.

I can however promise you that I will keep you updated on the progress of YMAR, and report on how they meet their different milestones. One important milestone in the business plan (and part of the school curriculum) is the UF (Young Entrepreneurs) convention at Älvsjömässan in Stockholm on March 17 and 18 next year.

Follow YMAR, Christer and me on the interesting journey. Entrepreneurial initiatives like this is an important part of sustainable development. I recommend everyone who works with Corporate Responsibility to get involved in initiatives such as this one!


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