What have happened over the last 1590 days in our industry?

Roughly 1590 days ago (give or take a day or two due to leap years…) Pfizer Sweden started the Ansvarsblogg.se (”The Environment and Responsibility Blog”).

It has been a very interesting journey. We, and especially I of course who has been writing all the blog posts, have gained a lot of experience in working with social media channels. I have also received a lot of feed back on the initiative itself and of course on the subjects I have discussed in the blog.

I have today reached a milestone: Blog post number 500 is now being written. This corresponds to a blog post roughly every third day. So what have been the major topics of these 500 blog posts?

One way to fairly easily get a good sense of the topics covered over the years it to read the blog posts in the Archive ”Händelser i loggboken” (blog posts that I have wanted to highlight in a special log for some reason). There are 71 blog posts in that archive (well there will actually be 72 including this one…).

I have selected 20 blog posts from the log to exemplify what have been on the agenda of the industry, of our stakeholders, of Pfizer and of myself during these 1590 days. Here we go, starting from this summer moving backwards into April 2008:

July 6, 2012 – reporting from Almedalen: So many blog posts written almost daily during my stays at the political gathering each summer in Almadalen… 
The final phase of the Dizza Tobak project…: The Dizza Tobak project – so much fun, and so important!
Action Item 7.2 in the National Pharmaceutical Strategy: My biggest focus during my LIF-assignment right now… 
LIF, Green Public Procurement and follow-ups: Green public procurement, and unfortunately the lack of follow-up from our customer, has been a topic for several discussions!
A Regulatory Update on Pharmaceuticals and the Environment : So many regulatory initiatives are being taken within the field of pharmaceuticals and the environment…
A Round-Table Discussion on Green Economic Incentives: If you have followed the blog during 2011 and 2012 you know that I strongly believe in green economic incentives!
Expert groups to the All Party Committee on Env Objectives: The work together with several stakeholders on the Swedish National Environmental Goal ”A Non-toxic Environment” was very stimulating!
MPA report on GMP and environmental requirements: The Swedish MPA report on GMP and environmental requirements really have gained a lot of national as well as international interest…
Årets Kvinnohjärta (”Woman’s Hearth of the Year”) 2011: I was so honored to receive the ”Woman’s Heart of the Year” Award!
Earth Hour 2011: There has been quite a few blog posts of WWF’s great initiative Earth Hour, and of course also upon other issues related to global warming (including Pfizer’s own very successful program on Energy and Climate Change).
ISO 26000: The largest ISO initiative ever, and the standard on social responsibility will for sure influence both ourselves and our stakeholders in the years to come.
Mer om problemen i Indien…: The issue around releases of active pharmaceutical ingridient from pharmaceutical manufacturing in India is probably the most common topic discussed in the blog. I have not only discussed the issue itself, but also all the initiatives that have been taken from different stakeholders (e.g. Swedish MPA on GMP, and LIF’s roundtable discussions on green economic incentives).
Pfizer Energy and Climate Change Award 2009: I was once again proud, now due to the Pfizer Energy and Climate Change Award that was presented to Pfizer Sweden for the Silverdal Office.
Årets läkemedelsprofil 2009: I was so honored to become ”The Pharma Person of the Year 2009″. I received the award for ”all my efforts to put environmental sustainability on the pharmaceutical industry agenda” – not to bad!!
Pfizer och “Ansvarsfullt företagande” (I): Since I very often receive questions about Pfizer, the industry and corporate responsibility I decided to write a long (actually to long) blog post on the matter…
Pfizer och “Ansvarsfullt företagande” (II): The blog post from above continues…
Intressentdialog – en röd tråd i vår hållbarhetsredovisning: There has been several discussions over the years regarding the importance of stakeholder dialogue (both internal and external stakeholders).
Drivkrafter för CSR- och miljöarbetet: There has been discussions of course regarding the driving forces for Corporate Social Responsibility and for Environmental Sustainability.
Viktigt arbete mot korruption – och för ökad transparens: The fight against corruption and counterfeited pharmaceuticals can never stop!
Samarbeten inom Sollentuna kommun: I have tried to talk both about local CSR collaborations, nationwide ones, as well as global initiatives. To have a complete sustainability program it is my opinion that you need all three parts.
EU:s GreenBuilding Award 2008 tilldelas Pfizer AB: I was of course very, very happy to receive, on behalf of Pfizer Sweden, the EU Green Building Award 2008 for our Silverdal Office, one of the most energy efficient buildings in Europe!

As you see from the above, I change the language in October 2010. Why? Well, back then I was given the opportunity to visit Uganda to follow Pfizer’s CSR programs on site. An experience that really did change my views on several issues for all times. We can really make a great difference – not only in the developed world, but also definitely in the developing world. That journey made me so proud of being a Pfizer employee!

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  1. Christoffer M. Langseth skriver:

    Stort grattis pappa! Vem hade kunnat ana att Bengt Pappa Mattson skulle bli en bloggare med 500 blogginlägg?

    Stort, riktigt stort! #stoltson


  2. Bengt Mattson skriver:

    Tack Stoffe för gratulationen! Att din pappa är en ”social media-guru” känns ganska otroligt va???


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