The Stockholm Memorandum

As you saw in my blog post from yesterday, ”Dr Ashok Khosla on the Future of Business”, Ashok Khosla is in town. And actually, there was an additional reason for him to be here in Stockholm beyond the meeting at Swedish EPA. Stockholm has been the host for the 3rd Nobel Laureate Symposium on Global Sustainability, May 16 to May 19. And today, the Stockholm Memorandum was issued from Dr Khosla and his colleagues at the seminar.

Read the 6 page document ”The Stockholm Memorandum – Tipping the Scales towards Sustainability” and get inspired! If these bright minds cannot guide us on what to do, who could?

One comment on “The Stockholm Memorandum

  1. Jacob skriver:

    Take a moment and watch a video which exposes the intentions of the participant at this Symposium:

    The truth is that the Stockholm Memorandum is a new plot to force the UN to go for massive population reduction, as is expressed in Article 6 of the memorandum (”Reducing Human Pressures”). This would mean a genocide on a magnitude worse than that of the Nazis!


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