The European Commission CSR Strategy

I have arrived back in the office after a ski vacation in the north of Sweden. It was fun, although my son was injured. He has a problem with his knee, but it looks pretty promising. He’ll probably be back to his sport activities fairly soon!

After going through hundreds of e-mails (you always have to pay in some way for a good vacation…) I have also been able to catch up with the most important newsletters in the sustainability field. Examples include MiljörapportenCSR i praktiken, and Miljöaktuellt. Of the many interesting articles it was with great interest I read the discussions with Marianne Bogle, Jan Noterdaeme, and Erik Brandsma regarding the European Commission’s new CSR Strategy. I have discussed the new strategy here at the blog previously (see for instance the blog posts from Feb 10 and from Aug 23 last year). I really like the new definition of CSR in the strategy, “CSR – the responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society” and that it is clearly stated that the process has to be managed in close collaboration with stakeholders. But of course, you may always wonder how much of an impact these kinds of strategies and initiatives from institutions such as the EU will have in reality…

Reading the discussion in the article may unfortunately leave you wondering… In order for the strategy to really make a difference, I guess we all have to participate in the struggle to spread best practices and never stop informing stakeholders on

- what CSR means to us in industry,

- why we are making all these CSR efforts,

- that the initiatives are integrated into our business strategies, it is all about how we do business today,

- and how we need to engage with all stakeholders to be successful.

This is well alinged with the understanding of EU’s ambition in the new strategy that enterprises will drive the future develoipment of CSR. As expressed by Marianne Bogle (head of CSR Sweden and a board member of CSR Europe) in the article:

”Och EU är tydliga med att företagen ska driva utvecklingen”


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