Sustainable Value Chain Management – the Do’s and Don’ts

It is obvious to me that the summer vacation period here in Sweden soon has come to an end… One very clear sign is that newsletters again reach my e-mail inbox. As you probably know, one of my favourite sustainability newsletters is MiljöRapporten Direkt (from Miljörapporten). One of the interesting articles in today’s issue discusses the ”Do’s and Don’ts of Sustainable Value Chain Management”, based upon Forbes CSR blog post called ”If Sustainability Costs You More, You’re Doing it Wrong” from August 13. You just have to love the title – if it costs you more then you are doing it wrong. I like that attitude!

The blog post is a good read and I recommend you to take a look on some of the proposed management practices that are reported to improve sustainable value chain effectiveness, both in terms of the financial return and the sustainability outcome. Examples include:

- Organizations that engaged with suppliers at any tier saw a 38% increase in their effectiveness.
- Organizations that had sustainability embedded into their culture saw a 24% increase in effectiveness.
- Organizations that had worked with suppliers and others (such as distributors) as part of quality programs in the past experienced a 22% increase in effectiveness.
- Organizations that engaged with or talked about sustainability with value chain members saw a 21% increase in sustainable value chain effectiveness.
- Organizations that rewarded suppliers for sharing expertise and knowledge around sustainability recorded a 17% increase in effectiveness.


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