Sustainable Development and the Pharma Industry

I have today, as I do roughly once a year, discussed sustainability programs in the pharmaceutical industry with students at The Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University. Interesting and a lot of fun!

The Ångström Laboratory

The Ångström Laboratory

My presentation is part of a course on Environmental Management Systems, so I tried to explain our sustainability programs from the system perspective. Starting out with a general background on why sustainability programs in general, and environmental programs specifically, are necessary. Going into several aspects (or potential problems) that those programs need to address. And then moving over to follow-up and corrections that may be needed to secure environmental improvements over time. The outline is quite similar to the presentations and discussions I regularly do at SLU (see for instance these two blog posts: From March 10, 2011 and from Feb 19, 2009.

To describe the great numbers of environmental aspects that needs to be assessed I used a series of slides where a full picture of aspects are built up step-by-step: From your own manufacturing facility, looking back into your suppy-chain, looking downstream following your products out on the market, and finally of course also adding the R&D-operations to give the full picture. Below you see all the slides condensed into one… Quite a busy slide I have to say…

We had good discussions, and especially during the last 15 minutes when the students were given the task of identifying potential environmental aspects on a made-up company called Juicy Drinks Inc. The students should, based on the knowledge they had recieved on environmental management systems (e.g. ISO 14001) perform an ”initial environmental review”. So, which environmental aspects do you think Juicy Drinks Inc has to address?

Perhaps we could get some good interactivity going here. Please provide your suggestions…


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