Sustainable Brands 2012

The results from Sustainable Brands 2012 survey was presented last Monday (March 19). I am happy to see that Sustainable Brands keeps developing, and has managed to build their own brand, which is very important if the survey and rating should have real impact. The rating for 2012 does not make me to happy though… Similar to last year, the pharmaceutical companies do not score very well. See the full list of separate companies here, and the rating of various trade and industry sectors here.

I would of course been more satisfied if Pfizer and the whole pharmaceutucal sector (pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacy chains) had scored better. But to be honest, I did not really expect that to happen. And it is not due to poor sustainability initiatives, but rather to fairly poor brand recognition among the public. In my comments to last year’s Sustainable Brands rating (see my blog post from March 22, 2011) I said the following, and it still holds true:

”…. as is ponted out by IDG Research who performed the survey, Swedish owned corporations generally score better than foreign companies. This is probably due to recognition of the brands themselves. And to be honest, how well-known are the company brand names in the pharmaceutical industry to the general public? Our product names may be known, but the company name is not. The only possible exception to this would be AstraZeneca, due to the long history of Astra in Sweden.

But I will also add that even if the company brads would have been well-known to the public, I am not sure we would have scored much better as an indusntry. The reason being that we have not communicated our sustainability efforts historically. We primarely, and for good reasons, have communicated around the medical needs in society, and with professionals about the therapeutic effects of our products …. I think it is about time to change. And we have a lot to learn from the winners of Sustianble Brands …. I believe that probably every Swede knows about different sustainability efforts by Coop and ICA. They have great programs, and they communicate smartly about those programs!”

Time for change! Please start the process by reading about our social and environmental sustainability efforts (in Swedish ”Vårt Ansvarstagande”) on the website. And we’ll take it from there!


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