Sustainability – something for all students at KTH

It is with pleasure and appreciation that I read KTH’s (Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden) information about their investment in sustainability.

”KTH’s focus on environmental issues — underlined in 2011 with the appointment of a vice-president for sustainability — is gaining momentum with new targeted investments in education. The university’s administration has approved SEK 6.5 million ($964,000) for courses in environment and sustainable development studies.”

Being a KTH alumni (I began my MSc-studies in chemical engineering back in 1984 and left KTH in 1993 with a PhD-degree in Polymer Chemistry) it makes me happy to see that KTH understands the importance of teaching our future MSc and PhD-graduates sustainability. Sustainable development is such an important key to solving several of the challenges society meets today, both locally as well as globally. During my roughly ten years at KTH in the 80-ies and 90-ies I have to admit that sustainability was not on KTH’s agenda, and not on my own either… I have learned a lot since then!

Within the pharmaceutical sector, sustainability matters are an integrated part in everything we do today. I have discussed the integration of sustainability in our strategic development several times here at the blog. For instance, read about social sustainability and business develoment in my blog post from March 29, 2010, and the discussions on envrionmental sustainability exemplified with green products and green economic incentives in the blog post from Sept 28, 2011.

Sustainable development – integrated in everything in society today, from primary school, through university courses, into our professional life as well as our private life. It has to be that way if we want to succeed in the longterm…


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