Sustainability Performance – perception vs. reality

SWEDISH SUMMARY: I dagens nyhetsbrev från MiljöRapporten – MiljöRapporten Direkt – presenteras Brandlogics rapport ”2012 Sustainability Report”. Rapporten tittar på ett hundratal starka globala bolag ur perspektivet hur väl bolagens hållbarhetsprestanda överensstämmer med den uppfattning som allmänheten har om de olika bolagens prestanda. Intressant!

In the daily newsletter from MiljöRapporten, called Miljörapporten Direkt, Brandlogic’s report ”2012 Sustainability Report” is presented. The report measures perceived sustainability performance with ”the real” performance. It is a very interesting read. The report identifies leaders, challengers , promotors, and laggards, in 9 different industries. One of the industries being Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare. I am happy to see that the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in general performs vey well – all 9 companies are rated as ”leaders” or ”challengers”. This is a very strong outout compared with most other industries. It of course makes me extra happy to see that Pfizer qualifies as a ”leader”.

What does not make me happy however is to realize that our industry generally is not perceived as good as our performance allows. All the pharmaceutical and healthcare companies have a so called ”reality-led gap”. Hence we need to upgrade our communication on our sustainability initiatives and results. Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) information needs to reach our stakeholders!

To read more about Pfizer’s ESG performance please follow these links:

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