Sustainability for different businesses and companies

I have just returned back from a week of vacation in Funäsdalen. It has been a very good week – skiing, just hanging out, and feeling good!

Sun shines over Ramundberget

Sun shines over Ramundberget

The first thing I read coming back to the office made me unfortunately sad… In the March 2011 issue (No. 2) of MiljöAktuellt there is a brief ”pre-launch” of the survey called Sustainable Brands 2011. The results from the survey will be presented March 27, but already now some general conclusions have been published. One of them made me sad…

The pharmaceutical industry is the branch of enterprise with the lowest trust and reputation. In the top of the list you will find business like ”food supermarkets”, cars, hotel and restaurants, and the the bottom of the list are business such as tele communication, banking and insurance, and pharma…

I have to admit that I am very disappointed. It is not new to anyone of you who follows my blog that I actually think that we are a responsible sector, we contribute to good health, and we continuously strive to become even better. Read for instance my two blog post from Oct 11 2009 (post No 1 and post No 2) and the blog post from March 29 last year.

But I guess it is as simple as this: If we do not manage to communicate our story to the public, how could we expect them to have trust in us as a sector and as a company. We have to be better in communication. And interactive communication as this blog initiative is one of many important steps…

In my opinion we belong higher up in the list – but it is up to us to prove that to the public!


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