Stakeholder Engagement and Social Media

Stakeholder Engagement, with open and honest interactive stakeholder dialogues, are critical for successful CSR-programs (Corporate Social Responsibility). I have discussed the importance of an active stakeholder dialogue (in Swedish: ”intressentdialog”) in blog posts (in Swedish…) previously. See for example a general discussion on stakeholder engagement, or a blog post on some specific dialogues, or a blog post where social media as a tool is discussed. And I like to come back to the discussion on using social media in the stakeholder dialogue.

I have during two days participated in a meeting with Pfizer colleagues on Alliance Development and Stakeholder Engagement. One of the more developed social media strategies as a tool for stakeholder engagement I have seen is ”can you feel my pain”. The social media platform has been developed by Pfizer in collaboration with a large number of European stakeholders within the ”pain area”. The platform includes Web 2.0-types of social media e.g. facebook, twitter,  flickr, twibbon and also more ”classical web pages” (Web 1.0) such as

I am very convinced that we will se many more examples on the use of social media in the years to come, also in the pharmaceutical and health-care sector. Although we are still struggling with discussions on how much of a true 2-way communication we can allow on the internet. How will the industry manage issues such as spontaneous adverse effects reporting? I am also interested to see the potential impact from the upcoming decision on ”Information to Patient” within EU on the usage of social media. It will also be interesting to see if the prophecy by Ingrid Stenberg at Läkemedelsvärlden that ”the pharmaceutical industry will stay away from social media” as a consequence of LIF’s (The Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry) ethical rules will come true. Well, I am as you understand from my discussions here not sure that that will be the case…



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