Social media in healthcare – slowly moving forward…

Dagens Medicin (”Today’s Medicin”, a Swedish news magazine) arranged in collaboration with K-Street Advisors a seminar today entitled ”Social media in healthcare – a necessary evil or good?”. This is their fourth conference on the topic during the last two years or so. I have participated as a speaker on several of the previous occasions (see for instance my comments from the seminar back in Aug 24, 2011, and from Feb 23, 2012), and I am happy to say that things do move forward (although somewhat slowly…). Healthcare seems to become better and better on understanding why and how to use social media, and more and more brave examples arise. Some really good examples from our Scandinavian neighbours participated on today’s seminar. You just have to check Wasim Zahid on twitter (@WasimZahid) and Bispebjergs og Fredriksbergs Hospitaler on facebook. Two great evidences that healthcare can, and should, take the opportunity and utilize social media!

In addition to these brilliant examples of usage in health care we also learned today from Carl Thalén (K-Street Advisors) and from Roland-Philippe Kretzhmar (MNML Agency) about some of the basics around social media. Definitely useful information for many of us participants.

Carl Thalen, K-Street Advisors

Carl Thalen, K-Street Advisors

Theo Martins (Hallvarsson & Halvarsson) also gave us a good review of how social media could help you, but also definitely harm you badly if you do not act correctly, during a crises. Social media is fast…

Theo Martins, and the speed of communication

Theo Martins, and the speed of communication

Similar to the previous conferences on the topic (e.g. see blog posts from Aug 24, 2011, and Feb 23, 2012) we also received very good and insightful presentations from Jens Larsson (lawyer at the Uppsala County Council) regarding the legal issues around social media and healthcare, and Sara Natt och Dag on patient blogs. See for instance the ”ikroppenmin” blog – very emotional and strong.

And then of course my own presentation of social media strategies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Thanks to Anna Sahlin for the photo

Thanks to Anna Sahlin for the photo

I have said it very many times before, I am definitely not a social media guru. My 18 year old son Christoffer actually thinks that I am a ”social media illiterate”… Well, I would not say a complete illiterate, rather a ”happy user”. I have my Responsibility blog of course ( that I have connected to twitter (@CSRBengt). I have also taken part in Pfizer’s Can You Feel My Pain project on facebook, flickr and other social media platforms back in 2010 and 2011. Pfizer learned a lot from that initiative. Things that we benefit from today working with social media as part of our communication strategy. Check out our corporate facebook page and see if you think we are up-to-date. I was very happy to hear today from some of the other speakers that they looked upon the Pfizer facebook page as a very good example from Big Pharma. Such comments always makes me proud!

And then I also shared some experiences from the Dizza Tobak project. The web site is being updated right now, and will soon also contain a film describing the entire project from start to end. Until that happens, please review some of my old Dizza Tobak blog posts (see the catagory Dizza Tobak) and one of my absolute favourite contributions from Swedish teenagers in their fight against tobacco: Love this way to die?

A fun (although somewhat scary) development is that today so many of the participants on a seminar such as this one has smartphones and give you direct feedback via twitter (see hashtag #dmagenda). I was not surprised to see that Wasim Zahid for instance received very good feedback

Vågar man använda sociala medier till patientkonsultationer? Norske läkaren Wasim Zahid inspirerar. #dmagenda ”

but I was also happy to see that participants even gave me positive feedback

Bengt Mattsson, Pfizer, en frisk fläkt angånde läkemedelsbolagens närvaro i sociala medier. #dmagenda”

Bengt, CSR- och miljöchef på Pfizer är som vanligt klok när det gäller sociala medier. En ”självklarhet” för läkemedelsföretagen #dmagenda”

A good and inspiring day is a good summary of this Wednesday!

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