Social Innovations and Entrepreneurship in Healthcare

I have been in Malmö (in southern Sweden) today participating in a think tank discussion on the need for social innovations and entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector. The think tank has been initiated by Malmö Högskola (in English ”Malmö University”) and Mentor International and consists of people with a broad range of knowledge from different disciplins and with an enormous amount of experiences. We have health care professionals, management consultants, social entrepreneurs, communication specialists and myself. My contribution to the discussions is of course my ideas around social innovations in healthcare which I have written about several times here at the blog previsously (see for instance the blog posts from March 22, and Feb 14) and my experiences from the pharmaceutical industry (R&D, manufacturing, and marketing & sales) since 1994.

Today we focused the discussion upon the management and organizational perspectives. We discussed both possibilities in the health care system as well as organizational challenges for innovations and entrepreneurship. One of the hot topics discussed was the hiearchies in healthcare. Do all employees feel empowered? And if not, why? And what needs to be done to address that? I have discussed the issue about (the lack of) empowerment in healthcare in relation to implementing LEAN. For more details see my blog post from Nov 19, 2010, which actually summarizes part of the discussions from today fairly well.

Looking forward to our future discussions in the think tank! Very stimulating!


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