SoCap in Malmö – an Eldorado for the social entrepreneur

Next week, Malmö hosts the SoCap meeting ”Designing the future”. SoCap (Social Capital Market conference) was started by Kevin Jones. One of my favourite CSR newsletters discussed social innovation, social entrepreneurship, impact investing and venture philanthropy with him the other day. It is an interesting read. Kevin Jones represents a very modern approach to CSR and philanthropic initiatives. You probably know from reading my blog previously that I am a big fan of social innovations which really presents business opportunities. To be really sustainable we need to develop business strategies around our ideas. I have often taken innovations such as and Smart4Heart as examples of innovations with great potential. However, we still need to fully develop the appropriate business models. Read more in these blog posts: Oct 4 2011, April 8 2011, and Nov 16 2010. Unfortunately I will not be able to participate in the conference next week but I am convinced that I will be completely updated on May 16 when I will meet Hanna Sigsjö, Eva Engquist and others working with social innovation and entrepreneurship at Malmö University (in Swedish: ”Mötesplats för Social Innovation och Samhällsentreprenörskap vid Malmö Högskola”). May 16 will be devoted to social innovation and public-private partnerships. Looks interesting to me, but more on that after May 16…


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