Rio+20, so what were the results?

In my blogpost from June 19, I briefly discussed upon the issue whether or not the world leaders would take the decisions needed to move in the direction of a more sustainable world at Rio+20.

I presume you have seen a lot of the strong criticism coming from NGO’s and others regarding the content of the final declaration as expressed in ”Our Common Vision”. Please read the document and develop your own opinion about the results.

However, I guess that a lot of you will agree with the critics that it is ”weak”. And I guess it is some kind of a signal that when discussing the results from Rio+20 even the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, choses to point to the ”voluntary commitments” made by countries and organisations, rather than to the official final declaration…

To review the Voluntary Commitments follow this link. Among all volutary commitments there are at least two which are directly linked to the pharmaceutical industry:

Reduction in water usage
GSK has commited to a reduction in its direct use of water, coupled with a reduction in its value chain’s water footprint
Commitment Target(s)
Year Commitment Target
2015 GSK will reduce its direct use of water by 20% by 2015
2020 GSK will calculate its value chain water footprint and will reduce this impact by 20 percent
Names of committing organisations: Glaxo Smith Kline
Business : Pharmaceuticals & biotechnology
Country(s) where this commitment will be implemented: GLOBAL
More info

Reducing Emissions and Providing Low-Carbon Solutions
Improve energy efficiency. Implement and supply low-carbon technologies and supplies. Develop tools and strategies for sustainable buildings. R&D in adaptation (agriculture, public health).
Commitment Target(s)
Year Commitment Target
2020 Specific greenhouse gas emission reduction of the company of -35% per metric ton of products sold (baseline 2005).
Names of committing organisations: Bayer AG
Business: Agriculture and livestock; Chemicals; Pharmaceuticals & biotechnology
Country(s) where this commitment will be implemented: GLOBAL
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