Our municipality politicians – are they climate change skeptics?

Today, both MiljöRapporten (in their daily newsletter MiljöRapporten Direkt) and Miljöaktuellt (on their website) comment upon FOI’s survey regarding the opinion of politicians and managers in Swedish local municipalities on global warming and climate change. I guess we are all surprised by the results. Miljöaktuellt reports that 70% of the repondents doubt climate change as such and 61% do not feel sure that mankind contributes to global warming. The study has not yet been issued, and the report of results come from a pre-reading made by journalists from Dagens Nyheter. I am really looking forward to the issuing of the report (it will become public at FOI’s website later on this week).

As you may be aware of, especially if you have followed my blog previously, I personally do not have any doubts about climate change and global warming. It happens and the use of fossile fuels contributes strongly to global warming. You can read more about my opionion on the matter in the following blog posts for instance: March 27 2011, March 24 2011, and Feb 4 2011. In the last of those blog posts, you will both find a link to Pfizer’s global website where our programs around energy and climate change is discussed, and also an important quote from our previous global manufacturing operations president, Nat Ricciardi:

”Climate change is the world’s greatest global environmental challenge and has the potential to adversely impact the health of millions of people”

It is our opinion that climate change has human health impacts including:
- Illness from more heat waves
- Unsanitary conditions due to increased coastal flooding
- Vector-borne diseases with longer transmission seasons
- Change in geographical distribution of diseases”

It surprises me that Swedish municipality politicians and managers seem to be climate change skeptics…


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