Om läkemedel och miljö på Liljeholmens vårdcentral

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Jag har idag föreläst om läkemedel och miljö på Liljeholmens vårdcentral i Stockholm. Det är alltid intressant att diskutera detta tema med folk som jobbar i svensk hälso- och sjukvård. Vad kan de göra i sin yrkesroll för att bidra till en minskning av miljöbelastningen från läkemedel och från övriga delar av hälso- och sjukvården?

Liljeholmens health center is part of Stockholm County Council, and hence one part of a large operation certified to ISO 14001 (environmental management system standard). They seem to have come quite far in their environmental initiatives, I was quite impressed by their waste separation station for instance.

They had also asked for more information regarding pharmaceuticals and potential environmental impacts, both from patient use and from manufacturing operations. Hence, I was invited their together with some colleagues from Pfizer to a discussion on the topic.

We discussed the potential environmental impacts from patient excretion of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), and in relation to that the LIF initiative ”Environmental Classification of APIs on”. I also described potential impacts from the supply chain of pharmaceuticals, and we did of course discuss Joakim Larsson’s research regarding API releases from manufacturing operations in India (for more details see the blog post from Aug 16 2010 and the links within that blog post). We discussed what could be done in order to minimize the environmental impacts, and I presented the ideas around green economic incentives in the Swedish Pharmaceutical Strategy (for more information see e.g. June 20 2013, and April 5 2013). We also discussed green chemistry initiatives and initiatives on prevention of ill-ness and health promotion efforts. All very important parts of a broad sustainability program! We were in agreement that all stakeholders in the healthcare sector needs to collaborate on this, and we all need to show that we care!

Thanks for the discussions today. I see a great value in these types of meetings – we all learn from one another!


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