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As you know from reading my blog post this Wednesday, the whole week has been a long fruitful stakeholder dialogue. Very stimulating! I promised you in that blog post to come back with some thoughts arising in the discussions with pharma colleagues at Orion Pharma yesterday and from the meeting with a whole range of different stakeholders at the closing of the Unused Medicine Campaign project today.

The most important take-away from the long and interesting discussions at Orion was the value of having very different competences around the table. There were folks respresenting Regulatory Affairs, Medical, Marketing & Sales, as well as environmental affairs. The value of bringing different competences into the discussion can never ever be overestimated.

Let me bring up yet another topic before I continue with the stakeholder meetings: As important our different perspectives were to our discussions at Orion, are the importance of the mix of backgrounds and employers the authors of the article ”Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in the Environment: What are the Big Questions?”. If you are interested in pharmaceuticals and the Environment it is a MUST READ!

Well back to the stakeholder meetings this week… Today we officially closed the project running the campaign on Unused Medicines.

Helene Hagerman from Trossa

Helene Hagerman from Trossa

Helene Hagerman from Trossa has been the project manager appointed by LIF (The Research Based Pharmaceutical Industry in Sweden). Let me first of all here officially thank Helene for a work well done! Helene gave us today a brief summary of the results from the questionnarie/interviews (or ”gallup”) undertaken. 1000 interviews of awareness and behaviour around how to handle unused medicines, conducted before and after the campaign. Helene also gave us good insight in the media exposure of the campaign. I will not go into any details in this blog post, because some small adjustments are still to be made in the report. And I promise that I will direct you to the report when it is final and it has been released. If you have the newsletter from LIF (which you can access via I am sure you will be able to read a lot more about the campaign in the near future…

You will also be able to dig deeper into the whole topic of unused medicines in the end of September when the Swedish MPA releases their report on unused medicine. They will report their work (of which the campaign has been one part) connected to action item 7.3 in the National Pharmaceutical Strategy:

”7.3. Investigate what further measures can be taken at national level to reduce wastage of medicines or in other ways limit the environmental impact of use of pharmaceuticals (Lead: Läkemedelsverket): Investigation of the causes of wastage and propose measures to reduce wastage of medicines. Implementation of joint information efforts to encourage patients to return leftover medicines.”


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