MistraPharma and more on Waste Water Treatment

MistraPharma is one of the most significant research initiatives ever taken when it comes to identification and reduction of environmental risks caused by human pharmaceuticals.

I have been on the board of the project since the start back in 2008, and I have written several blog posts related to MistraPharma (see for instance Jan 10 2012, Nov 10 2011, Sept 22 1011, Jan 18 2011, Oct 29 2010, May 27 2010, April 15 2010, Jan 28 2010, April 3 2009, and May 14 2008).

As you know from the blog post Sept 22 2011, MistraPharma has been granted a second phase of research, running until 2015. A real strengthening of the project in phase 2 is the inclusion of Berndt Björlenius among the researchers. You may know Berndt from the Stockholm Vatten project ”pharmaceutical residues in waste water”, where he in collaboration with Cajsa Wahlberg came with some real interesting results.

If you want some introduction to Berndt’s part of the MistraPharma project I recommend that you read the article from NyTeknik entitled ”Ways to remove pharmaceutical residues from water” (my own rough translation of the title…).

Looking forward to working with Berndt, and the rest of the MistraPharma project leaders, in the years to come in MistraPharma Phase 2.


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