Microsoft goes carbon neutral

In these days when a lot of people around the globe wait impatiently for politicians to take decisions fighting climate change and global warming, it makes a green hearted human being like my self very happy to see brave industry initiatives. Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner, today announces on the official Microsoft blog that Microsoft goes carbon neutral. What makes this announcement even more interesting than several other similar ones from industry, is the tool used to really make this initiative every Microsoft colleague’s responsibility. Below is a quote from Kevin’s message on the blog:

”To achieve this goal, we have created an accountability model which will make every Microsoft business unit responsible for the carbon they generate – creating incentives for greater efficiency, increased purchases of renewable energy, better data collection and reporting, and an overall reduction of our environmental impact.

To put this into action, we’re creating a new, internal carbon fee within Microsoft, which will place a price on carbon. The price will be based on market pricing for renewable energy and carbon offsets, and will be applied to our operations in over 100 countries. The goal is to make our business divisions responsible for the cost of offsetting their own carbon emissions.”

Absolutely a very interesting move! I am really looking forward to follow the development of this initiative. It could be a brand new role model for industry across several sectors.


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