Läkemedel och miljöseminarium i Växjö hos Landstinget Kronoberg

SWEDISH SUMMARY: I går diskuterade bland andra jag och Charlotte Unger (miljöchef på Läkemedelsverket och styrelseordförande MistraPharma) läkemedel och miljörelaterade frågor vid ett seminarium i Växjö anordnat av Landstinget Kronoberg och LIF. Upplägget liknade i stort det seminarium som genomfördes i Malmö den 9 oktober.

 At a seminar (arranged by Landstinget Kronoberg and LIF) in Växjö yesterday, Charlotte Unger (head of environment, Swedish MPA and chairman MistraPharma), Lena Karlsson (County Council politician (c)) and Helen Penttilä, Magnus Munge and Stefan Quittenbaum from the healthcare operations in the County Council, and myself discussed issues on Pharmaceuticals and the Environment. The agenda of the seminar looked pretty much the same as on the seminar on Oct 9 i Malmö. One difference however was that I got the privilege to not only present LIF’s work on NPS 7.2 (the environmental assessment model for pharmaceutical products) but also NPS 7.1(the environmental part of the Pharmaceutical and Pharmacy Inquiry recommending the implementation of green economic incentives).

One clear take-away from the seminar is that we all agree in principle on the risks and challenges we have to manage, and that we all see the necesitty that the green economic incentive proposals from the Inquiry are taken into the next steps, i.e. commissioned to MPA and TLV (the pricing and reimbursement agency) for further development.

It is time for government to hit the green button!



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