It is Earth Hour again this Saturday – help fight climate change

SWEDISH SUMMARY: På lördag är det Earth Hour, WWF:s (Världsnaturfonden) manifestation för att visa att vi alla tar klimathotet på största allvar.

Saturday March 23, 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm local time wherever your are, it is time to switch off the lights. It is Earth Hour again. I guess that even WWF must be surprised to see the enormous response the climate change manifestation has got during recent years. I think almost everyone knows about Earth Hour today, and participates if possible. And I am also happy to see that a lot of the criticism to the event has disappeared. It looks like people have finally understood fully that it is a manifestation – a symbolic gesture to send a clear message to politicians around the globe: We are worried over the consequences of global warming.

To me, Earth Hour has always been a valued opportunity to show my personal commitment to friends, neighbors etc, and to spread Pfizer’s climate change initiatives to our colleagues and external stakeholders. For some previous blog posts on the topic see e.g. March 30 2012, March 27 2011, and March 28 2010.

As you propbale know from e.g. reading my blog post on Sept 13, 2012, Pfizer works very aggresively to fight climate change. I have shown here at the blog, our track record over the years several times before. Our first emission goal was set 2002, where we committed ourselves to reduce emissions by 35% (indexed by sales) from the base year 2000 until 2007. We reached a 43% reduction (which almost equals a 20% reduction in absolute numbers).

Pfizer has also achieved its second public goal to reduce GHG emissions by 20% on an absolute basis from 2008 through 2012 (2007 baseline). As of the end of 2011, we have reduced emissions 21% from the 2007 baseline, achieving our goal a year in advance.

To read more please visit our corporate website.


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