ICC, Corporate Responsibility and Anti-Corruption

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Inom den svenska delen av Internationella handelskammaren (ICC – International Chamber of Commerce, The worlds business organization) finns en CSR-referensgrupp som träffas regelbundet för att diskutera ansvarsfullt företagande i generella termer men ofta också specifikt frågeställningar gällande anti-korruption. Vid vår träff igår diskuterade vi, med stöd av Martin Kruger från KPMG, bland annat den nya svenska lagstiftningen gällande mutor.



I am a member of Swedish ICC’s (International Chamber of Commerce) reference group on Corporate Social Responsibility. We meet regularly to discuss issues on Corporate Responsibility in general, and often specifically on anti-corruption issues. ICC is very active in the area of Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption. I recommend you to review the web site of ICC’s Commission on Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption. Very informative!

A major discussion in our meeting yesterday was the new Swedish Bribery Act from July 1 2012, which was presented, with comparisons to established international standards such as the UK Bribery Act and FCPA (the US regulation: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), by Martin Kruger from KPMG. It is obvious to anyone that the focus on fighting corruption all around the globe intensifies. The challenges for multinational corporations is of course that corruptive behaviours still exists in several markets around the globe, and sometimes almost seems to be an integrated part of the societal system. But we can never ever give up the fight! Corruption completely destroys the fundaments upon which corporations, fair competition and capitalistic societies are being built.

There is a constant need for awareness building and training on these matters in any organization. For us in Pfizer Sweden it means not only understanding relevant regulations (such as the Swedish Bribery Act and FCPA), but also rules and guidance documents developed for the healthcare sector (see for instance the LIF’s Ethical Rules) and our internal policies and standards on business conduct, as presented in Pfizer’s Blue Book.


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