How important is sustainability to a Swede?

In today’s issue of MiljöRapporten Direkt (a daily sustainability newsletter from MiljöRapporten that you know I think highly of), I found an interesting article discussing the results from a survey called Sverigestudien (in English it would roughly be ”the Sweden Study”). It is an initiative from Preera, Volvo IT, and Skandia where Swedes’ values regarding themselves, their workplaces, and society are monitored and analyzed. You can read more about the initiative via this link.

MiljöRapprten Direkt comments upon the fact that the study shows that values such as environment and sustainability have fallen on Swedes’ priority lists. Gunnel Eneroth, project manager for Sverigestudien, says the following to MiljöRapporten Direkt:

”Före finanskrisen var miljö och hållbarhet högre värderade begrepp, sedan tappade de värderingarna i betydelse och har inte hämtat sig sedan dess” (in English it would be something like ”before the financial crises, environment and sustainability were ranked higher, but they have fallen since then and not made it back”)

Personally I do however find it somewhat comforting and promising that other values which are also critical for longterm sustainability still seem to be highly ranked among Swedes:

Responsibility, justice, and honesty

To me those values are also very closely related to Corporate Responsibility (in Swedish: ”Ansvarsfullt företagande” of which you can read more on for instance). If citizens, politicians, corporate leaders and employees have such values in focus, and act accordingly, I am convinced that environmental and social sustainability will remain fundamental to our society. And values such as environment and sustainbility will once again climb on the priority lists!

Read about all the details of Sverigestudien in this pdf. It is an interesting read!


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