Härlig vecka – mängder med intressanta möten

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Det har verkligen varit en härlig vecka. Den började med annandag påsk och några timmars fiolspel i solskenet på Skansen, och sen har det ena intressanta mötet avlöst det andra. I stort sett alla mina favoritfrågeställningar och forum har funnits på agendan: ”Mer än läkemedel”, möte med LIF:s Expertgrupp Miljö, diskussioner med Socialdepartementet om gröna läkemedel, möte med Pfizer Sverige Corporate Affairs, LIF:s informationsmöte om Ansvarsfullt företagande och branschens rykte och förtroende, och så idag uppstarten på SIWI:s nya nätverk ”Vatten och läkemedel”.

It has been a really good work week. It actually started out with a public holiday, ending Easter. For several hours I, together with my girlfriend Maria, played folkmusic at the outdoor museum Skansen in Stockholm. And the sun was shining – magic! And then when I was back in the office on Tuesday it started with a Pfizer internal meeting on ”more-than-medication”. A topic which you know, if you follow my blog, that I really like. Read for instance my blog post from May 2 last year.

Directly after the ”more than medication-meeting”, I had a meeting with LIF’s Expertgroup Environment. Always good meetings where representatives from several pharmaceutical companies in Sweden discuss environmental issues. And then on Tuesday morning I sat down with the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and discussed among other things green pharmaceuticals. You know from several blog post during the last few years (e.g. Feb 5 2014, Nov 22 2013, June 20 2013) that LIF has developed an environemntal assessment model for pharmaceutical products. Our aim has been that the model should be utilized in connection to green economic incentives in the pricing and reimbursement system in Sweden. The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs have however not moved forward on the proposal for such a scheme. Instead we now, as a first step, agreed to test the model within the OTC market (i.e. for prescription free medicines). I’ll come back to this initiative in later blog posts – it will be an interesting test of the model and to evaluate whether or not patients are interested in green pharmaceuticals.

Then Wednesday was concluded with a Pfizer Sweden internal Corporate Affairs meeting. Always interesting to discuss with colleagues on a holistic corporate level, and see how and where sustainability really matters!

Yesterday was really interesting when LIF’s (the research based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden) Strategic Committee on Trust & Reputation (where I am the chairman) together with LIF’s Expertgroup External Affairs organized a seminar on trust and reputation for the pharmaceutical industry. A very successful meeting where we had several interesting, and challeging discussions. I am happy to see that the industry continues to take corporate citizenship, corporate responsibility, and sustainability issues seriously! It is of great importance if we should have the trust and reputation we feel we deserve!

And then today SIWI (Swedish International Water Institute) and Swedish Water House launched the new cluster group on Water and Pharmaceuticals.

Water and Pharmaceuticals

Water and Pharmaceuticals

It was a good meeting today. Cecilia de Pedro (from Respect, and earlier at AstraZeneca) started out discussing pharmaceutical manufacturing in Hyderabad, India. I have discussed several times here at the blog the findings she made back in 2005/2006 and the research Joakim Larsson have continued in the area (see for instance the blog post from Aug 16, 2010). Cecilia was in Hyderabad again last year and she discussed the changes, and lack of changes, that have taken place (or not taken place…). Interesting and a thought provoking presentation. Then I described all initiative that is ongoing in Europe and Sweden in the pharmaceuticals in the environment arena. A lot of good and intersting initiatives from industry, governments, and academia. And before we broke up in smaller groups in order to discuss proposals for the way forward for the cluster group, Renee Andersson from Indiska described her, and the textile industry’s, very impressive green journey they have undertaken for the last 10 years. There’s something to learn from and being inspired by! Thanks Renee!

As I said – a really good work week. It is now time to start the week end!


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