Globe Forum and the need for upgraded waste water treatment

In my blog post from Feb 21, I talked briefly about the Globe Forum Event that took place yesterday (April 26) at Grand Hotel in Stockholm. If you were not able to participate please read about the event on Globe Forum’s website. I presume more and more material from the event will be published in the coming days on the web. I also recommend you to read all the tweets (#globeforum) at

I found the event exciting and promising. A lot of discussions and meetings face-to-face took place, and hopefully this will results in several innovations to be developed into entrepreneurial successes! The Life Science sessions focused primarely on new waste water treatment techniques which would be able to eliminate not only pharmaceutical residues but also other types of chemicals in the waste water. All the speakers agreed upon the fact that pharmaceuticals may pose a risk to the environment, but they still are extremely important to society. And hence, if they cannot by handle by ”up-stream initiatives” (at least not entirely) end-of-pipe solutions, i.e. upgraded waste water treatment installations, are needed. You are able to read more on this matter in an article published on Newsmill today: ”This way Sweden can do a good thing environmentally and on the same time open up for technology export”. It will be interesting to follow the discussions on this matter.


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