Fun and good discussions on pharmaceuticals and sustainability

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Igår hade jag glädjen av att delta i såväl ett stort möte gällande den nationella läkemedelstrategin (där jag presenterade arbetet med en hållbarhetsbedömningsmodell) samt en träff med kvinnliga vårdcentralschefer där vi diskuterade ansvarsfullt företagande och hållbarhetfrågor av relevans för hela vår sektor.

I had the opportunity yesterday to participate in two very interesting, good and actually fun discussions on sustainability issues in the pharma and healthcare sector. In the morning and the afternoon we were approximately 30 people from all relevant stakeholders who participated in discussions on the Swedish National Pharmaceuticals Strategy. Among all the projects that were presented and discussed, I gave a status update on the progress on subproject 7.2 which includes the development of a Sustainability Assessment Model of Pharmaceutical Products. We also discussed the other environmentally related tasks in the National Pharmaceutical Strategy (7.1, 7.3, and 7.4). Very good and fruitful discussions. It makes me very happy to see the interest from all stakeholders to discuss sustainability issues related to this sector. We have made very strong progress here over the last decade!

And the feeling that interest and understanding of sustainable development within our sector has grown over the years, became even more clear to me in the late afternoon yesterday. I met with 10 female managers from local clinics (”health care centers”) in the Stockholm region. I talked about Pfizers global Corporate Responsibility programs (both our Global Health Programs as well as our Environmental Programs), and I have to say that it is a privilege to get an opportunity to meet wise and clever people from the sector – with hands-on experience – discussing issues like that. Thanks for that opportunity!


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