First part of the Sofia Wallström review published today

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Idag publicerar Sofia Wallström den första, och största, delen av Läkemedels- och Apoteksutredningen. Hon beskriver delar av rapporten på DN Debatt idag, och hon kommer senare idag att hålla en presskonferens. Reaktioner på utredningens olika förslag kommer att återfinnas på bland annat under dagen. Jag vill passa på att i samband med detta också påminna om det ”miljöuppdrag” som också finns med som en del i Sofias utredning. Den delen kommer att rapporteras i månadsskiftet mars/april 2013.

The first, and the biggest, part of the Sofia Wallström governmental review (”Läkemedels- och Apoteksutredningen”, in English roughly ”Pharmaceutical and Pharmacy Review”) is presented today. You can read about the review at DN Debatt, and later on today there will also be a press conference. Reactions to the proposals in the review will be published on several sites during today and the coming days, e.g. at

I would also like to take the opportunity today to remind everyone of another part of Sofia’s review, the environmental task which is to be presented in March/April 2013. As you probably know, the review looks into if and how environmental considerations could be taken within the pricing and reimbursement system. This is the task that originally was presented as item 7.1 in the National Pharmaceutical Strategy (NLS). The 7.1 task

”Investigate if the environmental aspects should be considered when decisions on subsidy for a pharmaceutical are decided (Lead: Ministry of Health): Review of possibilities to – within the context of the national reimbursement system – increasingly take environmental considerations.”

is very closely related to the 7.2 task in the NLS:

”Encourage voluntary control of emissions from pharmaceutical factories (Lead: LIF): Introduction of a voluntary environmental labeling/assessment of pharmaceutical products.”

where I act project leader for LIF (the Swedish association of the research-based pharmaceutical industry). Read more about the project via this link for instance.

Much more information will come during the coming months about the environental part of Sofia’s review, here at the blog and elsewhere, but today the focus is on the first and major part of the review, especially on the future pricing model for pharmaceutical products with patent protection.


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