Earth Hour on Saturday, March 26

On Saturday, March 26, between 20.30 and 21.30, WWF’s Earth Hour takes place again.

And as I have done the last two years as a part of Pfizer’s participation in the event (see for instance the following blog posts from “Earth Hour week of 2010” and from 2009), I will utilize this week leading up to Earth Hour on Saturday to present different perspectives on the issue around climate change.

Today I chosen to highlight the debate article by Johan Rockström, professor and managing director for Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and Stockholm Resilience Center, and Anders Wijkman, PhD, advisor to SEI and Tällberg Foundation, on SvD’s Brännpunkt. The article presents their new book ”Den stora förnekelsen” (I would translate it to ”The great denial”).

The authors discuss the great environmental challenges the world is facing, and also proposes some needed actions. Examples of those proposals are ”new business models”, ”a new Marshall plan”, and ”an international agreement on climate change”. The discussions on the latter topic is of course of extra interest on a day like this one – the first day of the ”Earth Hour week”.

It is hard for us as individuals sometimes to understand the full scope of the environmental problems and realizing what changes are required. One small and simple step however that we can all commit to is:

Participate in Earth Hour on Saturday. Switch of the lights!


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