Earth Hour – it does not stop with the event on Saturday…

As you all know by now, WWF’s climate change manifestation Earth Hour takes place at 20.30 to 21.30 on Saturday (March 26).

The ”on-line news letter” has published a fairly critical article about the event today called something like ”Earth Hour fools citizens about their own environmental impact”. The criticism is based on the fact that people may think that they are actually making an environmentally important effort while they switch of their lights for one hour on Saturday. Instead of the lights they light up candels, and actually potentially increases the emissions of CO2…

Usually I agree with pretty much everything Per Grankvist and his colleagues at write, but this time – definitely not! I am convinced that most people do understand that Earth Hour is a manifestation and a communication event, and not an action aimed to decrease the environmental impact in itself. We are sending a signal to decision makers around the globe!

And it is worth mentioning that WWF has been even more clear on this matter this year than the previous ones. They write the following on their web-page (in Swedish):

”I år vill vi att Earth Hour ska vara mer än att bara släcka ljuset. Nu sätter vi fokus på alla superhjältar som hjälper till och räddar planeten. Vilka superhjältar då? Jo, alla som utför hjältedåd i vardagen utnämner vi utan förbehåll till superhjältar. Det kan handla om att ta bussen istället för bilen till jobbet, äta vegetariskt en gång i veckan, byta till grön el eller vara med och sprida budskapen kring Earth Hour.”

Read more on WWF’s webpage about what you can do in your private life to become a ”Climate Change Super Hero”.

And in your professional life, be inspired by some of the initiatives Pfizer has implemented at different sites around the globe in order to decrease our emissions of greenhouse gases:

-Reducing carbon on the home front in Ireland

-Freiburg, taking actionon climate change

-La Jolla, harnessing the sun’s energy to reduce GHG emissions

-Alleviating traffic, improving air quality

And don’t forget to switch off the lights on Saturday, like we will do at the Pfizer office building, and also back home.

The office rests dark in the background

The office rests dark in the background


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