Earth Hour – a great opportunity for awareness building

I have to admit that I remain surprised…

On March 23, I made a comment here on the blog about the fact that published a fairly critical article about Earth Hour, presenting their opinion that the manifestation tricks and fools citizens. I am happy to see that WWF has responded today, but surprised to see that also other media, for instance Expressen today, have picked up the critical view of the manifestation.

The reason for suprise is that I cannot really understand that certain opinion leaders, politicians and others seem to believe that WWF and millions of Earth Hour participants around the globe would actually think that switching off the lights for one hour ”is the real thing”. To me, and to most participants I believe, this is about communication, being part of something bigger than yourself and sending signals to decision makers.

And last but definitely not least – Earth Hour is a great opportunity for awareness building. For us as a company it provides a framework for a week long awareness campaign specifically on our climate change initiatives, but also reflecting on other sustainability perspectives. For me as a parent – it provides a brilliant opportunity to discuss environmental matters with my son. It also provides an opportunity to discuss green issues with friends and neighbors. What in the world could be wrong with that? All these discussions and sharing of experiences will of course result in environmental actions throughout the year.

Earth Hour is not a scape goat from doing real activities – it is a good starting point for change!



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