Dr Ashok Khosla on the Future of Business

The Swedish EPA, the Swedish Association of Environmental Managers, and IUCN organized a breakfast meeting today with Dr Ashok Khosla. He is really something! He shares his passion, knowledge, and energy with everyone, and hence contributes to a sustainable paradigm shift all around the globe.

Dr Ashok Khosla

Dr Ashok Khosla

Dr Khosla talked about ”Business of the Future and the Future of Business”. He reminded us all that both nature/environment and people/society are crucial to everyone and of course crucial to the future of business. We are all interlinked through winds and ocean currents, through trade and communications, through international institutions and regulatory frameworks, through epidemics and global terrorism etcetra etcetra… No one can escape, we are all in this together. And we have to be aware of that the planet is on fire!

”The Earth in Flames” could be seen out of a number of different perspectives according to Dr Khosla. Perspectives include POVERTY, POLLUTION, POPULATION, FINANCIAL CRISES, ILLNESSES, BIODIVERSITY LOSS, POOR ACCESS TO WATER.

One of his messages that really talks to me is that in our environmental efforts and programs we should never forget the social aspects. Huge number of people around the globe live in serious poverty and ”stress conditions” due to the environmental degradation taking place.

Dr Khosla wanted us to understand that there are business opportunities in the sustainability arena, both in the developed countries (or in ”the top of the pyramid” as he called it) as well as in the developing world (”the bottom of the pyramid” to use Dr Koshla’s expression). This of course leads me to think about the ”Walderik-Mattson pyramid” which I have discussed numerous times on the blog (e.g. Feb 2, 2011,  March 29, 2010, and June 9, 2010).

The Walderik-Mattson pyramid

The Walderik-Mattson pyramid

Dr Khosla also expressed very clearly the need of ”doing more with less”. This to me is in good alignment with the ideas of prevention of illnesses, health promotion, and wellness as areas for initiatives in ”the top of the Walderik-Mattson pyramid”.

Discussions continued around the use of, and in the worst scenarios depletion of, eco-system and eco-system services. I really liked the ideas about not only a creation of ”green jobs within a green economy” but also the ideas about ”a blue economy”. Follow this link to blueeconomy.de, you will be inspired!

Dr Khosla closed his presentation with the following message to us:

”If we do not act now, there will not only be serious consequences, but we will actually also miss some great opportunities”. The businesses of the future is out there – go out and grasp them!

Thanks Dr Khosla for an inspiring morning – very much appreciated!


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