Discussions with Vinnova

Together with a number of colleagues from the pharmaceutical industry, I yesterday met Vinnova, the Swedish governmental innovation agency – ”Research and Innovation for Sustainable Growth”. A very inspiring meeting where we among other things looked into the areas identified by Vinnova where innovations are needed to cope with challenges facing society:

- Attractive and sustainable cities

- Health and healthcare in the future

- Competitive manufacturing

- Information society 3.0

All of these areas have CSR-aspects connected to them. When ”attractive and sustainable cities” are concerned it is quite clear that both environmental and social sustainability issues are crucial. When it comes to ”health and healthcare in the future” you know that I feel strongly about issues such as healthy ageing and the development of services and patient support programs (see for instance my blog posts from April 8, and Feb 8). Competitive manufacturing has a very obvious connection to green chemistry. The better we become on LEAN-aspects of manufacturing and on green chemistry, the better our competitiveness. Read about green chemistry and green manufacturing via these blog posts for instance: Sept 30 this year, and Nov 18, 2010. And finally ”the information society 3.0″, well you know my strong beliefs in social media and similar aspects of a modern society. Read about social media use in these blog posts: Oct 6, and Aug 24.

Looking forward to continuing discussions with Vinnova on these issues. I think the pharmaceuticals industry could contribute greatly to innovations in these areas. And I find it satisfying that several of those innovations will be CSR-related.


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