CSR programs within the Life Science Industry

Sustainability initiatives have become a more and more integrated part of corporate business strategies. I have discussed this trend before in blog posts, for instance March 29, 2010. There are however reasons to believe that CSR-programs, developed in close interaction with all other parts of the business strategies, would be more common in larger corporations than in small and medium sized companies (SMEs). Mainly due to the fact that larger corporation have the resources and competence needed. Ingrid Stenberg shows that this is true within the life science industry in her article ”Few Life Science companies invest in CSR” in Biotech Sweden. She shows that only 12 out of 55 SME Life Science companies traded on the stock exchange here in Sweden have a strategy for corporate responsibility and sustainability.

If you read Ingrid’s article, and I definitely think you should, you will see that I give some of my thoughts on CSR-programs in the article. I try to be very clear upon the fact that it is only when you manage to find the integration between your business operations and your sustainability initiatives that CSR-programs will really be an added value. Not only for your own operations but also for your customers and other stakeholders. To build a real win-win situation for the company and for society, that’s what it is all about!


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