CSR is only sustainable if integrated in business strategies

The last few days, two of my favourite CSR and environmental newsletters on-line, ”CSR-i-praktiken” and ”Miljöaktuellt” have had two interesting articles on the topic ”CSR should build financial value and revenue” in order to be sustainable. One of the articles has been written by my good friend and my favourite CSR-guru Daniel Steinholtz, and the other one by the chairman of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Peje Emilsson.

I do really agree with both of them, which is probably not a big surprise to anyone of you who have followed my blog previously. Read for instance my blogpost from March last year entitled ”CSR – an integrated part of the business”.

I am happy to see that more and more people dare to stress what is actually quite obvious: It is not only OK to make a profit from your sustainability programs, it is actually a pre-requisite for those programs to be sustainable themselves!


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