CSR-initiatives by our suppliers

I have previously here at the blog discussed supplier screening programs and good CSR-initiatives by suppliers. See for instance my blog post from Jan 22, 2010, about efforts taken by our restaurateur Sodexo. Today, I would once again like to highlight an initiative taken by Sodexo. It is a good example on initiatives from our partners that our employees get in direct contact with – ”lunch break CSR initiatives” mean high visualization.

Fish-for-life weeks

Fish-for-life weeks

Sodexo will for the coming weeks put extra focus on ”sustainable fishing”. They will serve only fishes qualified according to Findus’ Fish for Life program (”Omsorgsfullt fiske” in Swedish). I like the initiative, it brings CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and environmental issues into something very real for our employees, and it triggers discussions about other CSR and environmental aspects. Very valuable for our own programs as well!

Yesterday I had a very tasty shallow water cape hake (”kapkummel” in Swedish, and ”Merluccius capensis” in Latin) which has been taken from MSC certified fishing outside Africa’s coast in the south-east Atlantic Ocean. I hope to find something as tasty today!


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