CSR and Investor Relations

I was asked by a friend to comment upon the discussions regarding CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and the value it may create from a investor relations point of view. The background is an article by Susanne Arvidsson in Dagens Industri, March 21, and a response on csr-i-praktikens website March 23. Susanne Arvidsson claimed that CSR-initiatives are not ”a hot thing” for investors at the stock exchange. The response at CSR i Praktiken claims the opposite.

Perhaps not surprising, I tend to agree with CSR i Praktiken. And the reason is that I agree that CSR can, should, and needs to be discussed in terms of building the corporate brand, employer branding, resource efficiency, social innovations and entrepreneurship, and not only as something driven by philanthropic reasons. We need to integrate our CSR and sustainability initiatives to our core business strategies. As long as we fail to do so, I fully understand why investors are reluctant to take CSR initiatives into their considerations and analyses.

I have discussed CSR and the integration into the core business strategies previously here at the blog. For more details please read the blog posts from e.g. March 29, 2010, and Feb 2, 2011.


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